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      Leverage cleansed enterprise database for effective campaigns


      Reach out to more accounts with updated company information


      Gain unified customer view by linking data from various sources

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About Ent-Vision

Ent-Vision is the Asia leading Data Quality and Data Preparation solution developed by AP Link. Ent-Vision data quality services aim at improving enterprise data quality for accurate big data analytics and providing a clean start for ongoing database management.

Ent-Vision solution comprises a suite of automated services:

Ent-Vision architecture is designed from ground up and created with Asian business practice in mind. It is capable of handling many Asian countries’ contact addresses with multi-lingual support and is well suited for the linguistically rich and diverse Asian market.

Ent-Vision solution is empowered by Big Data technology to mine business intelligence, enrich enterprise database and capitalise data investment for enterprises in Asia.

Novelty of Approach and Methodology

  • Ent-NLP CONTENT Extraction Tactic
    • Advanced content-aware natural language processing (NLP)
    • Information are searched, extracted, analysed and presented in higher order context instead of keyword, terms or POS entity
    • Multi-lingual corpus and dictionary support for Asian languages

  • Supervised Learning CONTEXT Interpretation
    • Extracted information are analysed and interpreted at higher order context beyond standard part of speech tagging

  • Rule Based Business CONCEPT Refinement
    • Matching level complied by business rules and comprehensive knowledge, far ahead of simply language structure and wildcard search
    • Useful insights from unstructured data are link back to master data

  • Customisable & Flexible
    • Customisable for entity, language, geography, industry, document type and location

Ent-Vision Data Quality and Data Preparation solution strives to offer core value to businesses by:

  • Improving Productivity from Data Quality Management
  • Increasing Revenue from Business intelligence
  • Creating Opportunity from Competitive Insights
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