PIER71 Smart Port Challenge Finalist

PIER71 Smart Port Challenge aims to advance digital transformation in the maritime industry by encouraging start-ups globally to tackle pressing challenges identified by the maritime corporates with their innovative technologies.

As one of the 17 finalists, Ent-Vision was selected to work with corporate partners solving ship chandlers logistics challenges. Ent-Vision will develop a collaborative distribution network for Ship Suppliers Community, connecting multiple stakeholders to streamline and optimise ship supplies logistics. This platform enables resource sharing while interfacing maritime data providers to provide a single view of port-related activities. Ship suppliers will have better visibility of vessel position to improve delivery planning and reduce traffic congestion within and near port areas.

About PIER71: PIER71 “Port Innovation Ecosystem Reimagined at BLOCK71” aims to reimagine innovation in the maritime industry. The founding partners are Maritime Port Authority (MPA) and NUS Enterprise.

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GeoTech @ GeoWorks

As Finalist in SC Challenge++ 2018, Ent-Vision was recognised as a GeoTech company joining fast-track program for GeoSpatial solution development at GeoWorks.

GeoWorks is an industry centre by Singapore Land Authority to promote business growth, drive innovation and foster a well-connected geospatial community. At GeoWorks, SLA brings together geospatial businesses, sectoral users, research institutions and government to foster a vibrant geospatial ecosystem in Singapore and the region.

About GeoWorks: GeoWorks provides co-working facility, meeting rooms, seminar room, lounge and extended network to GoTech companies.

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Supply Chain Challenge++ 2018 Winner (Industry Track)

Supply Chain Challenge++ 2018 Industry Track is jointly-organized by the Singapore Land Authority, the Singapore Logistics Association, the Singapore University of Social Sciences, and supported by GeoWorks, Action Community for Entrepreneurship, and InnoSpace+. The intent is to connect solution providers with the logistic industry players to accelerate innovation thinking and foster partnership.

As the finalist, Ent-Vision was selected by Winspec group to provide a future ready Smart Supply Chain Logistic solution to optimize logistic & supply chain resources with end-to-end data integration.

About Winspec Group: Winspec Group is one of the leading freight-forwarding & one-stop logistics solution provider in Singapore, offering services such as warehousing, local distribution, international freight and logistics solutions for their clients.

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