Ent-Vision’s data quality services help enterprises to pave a robust data foundation by transforming unstructured, non-standardised, incomplete, and dirty data into Smart Data. Smart Data are high quality data that have been cleansed, standardised and enriched with data of high relevance that can be effectively translated into actionable insights. Ent-Vision leverages on Machine Learning models, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to discover data insights, make predictions, improve efficiency and reduce Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation operational costs.

Smart Data Solution Suite

Data Quality

Quality data are fed into Machine Learning algorithms in predictive analytics to yield higher accuracy and confidence.

Data Profiling

Relevant information are curated through reliable public sources to enrich individual profiles for corporate databases.

Data Integration

Enabling end-to-end data connectivity within an enterprise with interoperable modules and interdependent processes.

Smart Data Vertical Solution

Smart Data for MICE

Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) industry is a vital sector in the tourism industry. With rising cost per attendee and higher customer expectation, event organisers are facing challenges to improve MICE events in terms of relevance for attendees and to improve engagement.

Ent-Vision MICE Central Data Platform is an AI driven solution aimed at providing end-to-end visibility and creating a seamless user experience for event participants comprising conference delegates, trade visitors and exhibitors.

Smart Data for Maritime

The maritime ship supplies and delivery logistics are a highly competitive trade due to factors such as narrow loading window at port and unpredictable change in arrival schedule. Ship suppliers need to be prompt in processing their quotations for a timely port delivery to meet the demands of customers.

Ent-Vision Smart Data for Maritime leverages on AI, NLP and Machine Learning to automate processes and optimise resource utilisation for maritime ship supplies industry.

Smart Data Features

Ent-Vision’s ability to transform data into structured smart data helps induce insight-driven selling and ensuring a better managed lead tracking and sales pipeline.

Using Smart Data with AI and Machine Learning to generate optimal picking assignment to help reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiency in warehouse operations.

AI and GeoSpatial are incorporated with smart data to provide real-time tracking while generating optimal routes for movement.

Customer service reps are able to provide better services and deliver personalised experience with complete customer view.

Master Data Management allows data exchange between various systems, provides interoperability, and interconnectivity of different processes. Enabling interchangeable solutions that are ready for future use.