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Ent-Vision data quality services help enterprises build strong data foundation by transforming Big Data into Smart Data. Smart Data are structured data that have been cleansed, filtered and prepared for content. Ent-Vision leverage on Machine Learning, NLP and Artificial Intelligence to discover data insights, make predictions, improve efficiency and reduce Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation cost. Ent-Vision data solutions are trained to handle data in multiple languages.

Data Cleansing

The process of standardising unstructured historical data in bulk, removing duplications and merging information to ensure accuracy.

Data Enrichment

Harvesting information through reliable sources, to enrich corporate database by filling in missing information.

Data Linking

Linking data across organizations to provide 360° view while incorporating cross functional communication to improve efficiency.

Smart Data Features

Ent-Vision’s ability to transform data into structured smart data helps induce insight-driven selling and ensuring a better managed lead tracking and sales pipeline.

Using Smart Data with AI and Machine Learning to generate optimal picking assignment to help reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiency in warehouse operations.

AI and GeoSpatial are incorporated with smart data to provide real-time tracking while generating optimal routes for movement.

Customer service reps are able to provide better services and deliver personalised experience with complete customer view.

Master Data Management allows data exchange between various systems, provides interoperability, and interconnectivity of different processes. Enabling interchangeable solutions that are ready for future use.